USS Arizona facts – What it contributed to history?

The attack on Pearl Harbor took place in the 7th of December, 1941. By the said time though, most people around knew that the USS Arizona is no longer considered the newest and longer ship. It was also the occurrence when the Navy lost faith in believing that the battleships and aircraft carriers do not have any future in lasting for long. It was then that the USS Arizona traveled the whole world. There are still other USS Arizona facts that are meant to be learned. What are these?

The Arizona

During the building of Arizona, New York Times commented about it. It was believed that it will be New Pennsylvania’s sister ship. Both were perceived and seen that time as the most powerful and biggest in the world. It was true both for defense and offense. It was even dubbed to be the most superior which was ever created and constructed by the superdreadnought.

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The said ship was launched prior to the declaration of the World War I. To be more specific, this was done three days before it. Many believed that the new ship will be moved so that the fight may be continued in Europe. However, Arizona had to stay away because there were risks involved and these include u-boats. Because of the crashing of Arizona, Captain MacGillivray has to be martialed in the court. The mentioned crash was done with the help of a fishing trawler.

From the 37 sets which aboard the USS Arizona, almost twenty-three died. This came with the trios. The total number was estimated to be around 77.62 in which 77 were then killed. This occurred on the 7th of December, 1941. It came from a stellar band indeed. In order to reach the battle of music, they had to go through it on the 6th of December. They did not go for performance though since they were qualified already. The competition was planned to be witnessed by many. A member of the band died on the 7th of December.

The corroding metal which originated from the USS Arizona was then placed on ice. After which, it was sent and even directed to Harvard because it was intended to be studied by Ralph Mitchell. During the examination, three major kinds of bacteria were discovered. These were fed on the oil which was then leaking from Arizona. It was even noticed that the corrosion was speeded up by the bacteria. This was directed towards the monument. However, corrections were not undertaken because there were issues in funding.

Eventually, the whole band was lost in attack. This occurred in the USS Arizona. Half of the casualties were hit for a couple of times by the bombers coming from Japan. These people were then found on Pearl Harbor. This caused the sinking. There were also 1,177 men who were killed. Almost 21 members of which were said to be a playing member of Arizona. This was referred to as the U.S Navy Band Unit or the NBU.