Read the amazing shield volcano facts

The geographic position of the earth is totally different and that’s why the countries are always having various seasons. Most of the people are interested to find the facts about the Sea, Forest and Mountains but they can find more interesting facts about the Volcano too. The volcano eruption is a natural event and the users can enjoy it from long view. When the earth absorbs too much of heat and it will be released through the volcano. Shield volcano is very famous and the can find some interesting shield volcano facts here in concise.

Formation of Shield Volcano:

The shield volcano looks similar to the Hawaiian Warrior’s shield, when it is viewed from the low-angle profile. The volcano appearance is same to the shield because its width is 20times more than its height. Some of the shield volcano is located near Hawaii and that is 8,000 meters above from the sea floor and 12,000 meters above from the base. It is one of the largest volcanoes of the earth. The shield volcano forms after a big eruption and the lava flow on the surface. It will flow due to the Flank Fissure System and in some cases summit itself. However, the bigger lava shield forms after a major eruption. The lava will travel through the slopes and flow and after several eruptions a base material will form.

The volcano eruption facts:

  • The lava flow of shield volcano flows several kilometers and makes the sloping flanks across the surface.
  • The shield volcano erupts due to the magma is moving from the Earth’s crust. So, the giant rocks or the liquid lava will be erupted from the magma chambers.
  • Sometimes only the ash can also erupted by the volcano and this is a rare event.
  • The shield volcano has 43 volcanoes including the Mauna Loa. The Mauna Loa lastly erupted on 1984.
  • Mauna Kea is one another shield Valona in Hawaii and it is probably million years old. It is an independent volcano and its eruption has started in 1983.
  • The users can find many shield volcanoes in the Iceland too. The volcanoes of the Iceland are 5000-10000 years old. These are symmetrical and its eruption occurs from its peak.
  • The Galapagos Islands also very famous for the shield volcanoes and these are 4.2 million years old. It is erupting since April 2009.
  • The Shield Volcanoes usually creates both steep upper flanks and angle lower flanks.
  • The Auckland Island near to the New Zealand also has some shield volcanoes but they are formed up to only 5.5 kilometers. It is erupted 550 years ago.

Similarly, the users can find many other facts about the shield volcanoes in the online platforms. All the informational about volcanoes will be amazing and let the readers to learn facts of nature. It will be very useful to the readers and for the tourist who are going to visit the above mentioned islands.